What is Immersive TelePresence?

Immersive TelePresence is a real time communication that displays people from another location in live video that creates a real world experience. While video conferencing typically displays a video of people in a conference room at another location, immersive TelePresence displays the people from another location as appearing to be within the same room as the audience.

Origin of Immersive TelePresence

Immersive TelePresence was developed in the 1990’s by TelePresence Tech CEO, Duffie White. In February 2002 his Immersive TelePresence was featured in TIME magazine as the ultimate video conferencing solution globally.

Immersive Environments

Immersive environments have been created by TelePresence Tech for numerous corporate clients. This reception lobby incorporated programmed LED RGB lighting with immersive video productions to establish a dynamic and progressive entrance to the offices.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive environments are produced by TelePresence Tech to engage visitors at corporate marketing centers in their communications message. We integrate narrative, sound track, video presentations and computer generated interactive graphics to immerse visitors in memorable experiences.

Immersive Video

This video sphere was produced to reflect an 8’x 6’ video screen within a 60’ long kaleidoscope to generate a sphere appearing to be 300’ in diameter. The resulting video production immersed the visitors in a new world of gigantic video imagery to make a lasting impression on the visitors to this marketing center. The ultimate communications solutions in Immersive Video are produced by the 3-D 4K Holographics Consortium.

Immersive Interaction

Immersive TelePresence rooms produced by TelePresence Tech provide realtime interaction between groups in different geographic locations. The appearance of the transmitted team at life-size engenders a natural working relationship. The aligned eye contact engages the paticipants in productive communication with a personal connection.

Immersive TelePresence Up Close

The Immersive TelePresence solutions from TelePresence Tech are in high definition with the participants positioned close for a more engaging interaction. They appear within the room at life-size with aligned eye contact to achieve a sense of immersion up close and personal.

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